High point university
Multiple Client Projects​​​​​​​
June & July Slane Art Wall
The Slane Student Center is the main student hub at HPU, they have a wall outside that changes monthly with different designs meant to be a welcoming sight on the walk in and a place for students to take pictures.
The theme requested for this wall was a mid-summer postcard-esque "Wish You Were Here" Design. Both a message to students home for summer and a message back home from students currently enrolled in their summer programs.
Graphic Size: 15 ft. x 13.5 ft.
Ice Rink Gate Sign
High Point University has a seasonal ice rink that they set up as part of their winter festival. They needed a banner that fit into the campus style to hang across the gate during the offseason.
Graphic Size: 52 ft. x 7.5 ft.
Dining Award Decal
HPU was looking to update the banners that hang in their dining areas, these banners display their many different on-campus dining options and their award numbers.
Graphic Size: 2' 9" x 9' 4"
Student T-Shirt Set
HPU was looking to refresh their t-shirt designs for their upcoming events and ongoing student giveaways. Features different graphics for their student admission tours, children's bike drive and a gift for returning students. As well a modified version to go in their team store.
Admissions Shirt                               Bike Drive Shirt
Student Gift Shirt                            Team Store Shirt
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